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Medical-Grade Chemical Peels

Say good-bye to less than perfect skin when you come to Tongass Dermatology. Our clinic in Juneau, Alaska, offers medical-grade chemical peels to improve various skin conditions quickly and easily.

Trichloracetic Acid Peels

TCA chemical peels consist of a medical-grade, controlled-strength chemical, which is applied in office to create a moderately light, moderate, or moderately deep peeling effect. Peels are used to improve:


• Weathered Skin
• Freckling
• Skin Hyperpigmentation or Discoloration
• Sun Damage
• Fine Wrinkles
• Shallow Acne Scars
• Certain Pre-cancerous Skin Conditions
• Early Cancerous Skin Conditions
• Aging Skin


How It Works

We apply the trichloracetic acid peels to the skin for a specific brief period of time, after which it is neutralized and rinsed off. The chemical peel causes the upper layers of skin cells to dry up and peel off over a period of days, exposing a new layer of undamaged, healthier looking skin.

You may notice a slight limited burning sensation as the solution takes effect. Following application and neutralization of the peel, specific instructions are provided for the care of the skin during the peeling process.  

Recovery Time

While recovery times vary with the individual, most patients require four to seven days to heal from an average trichloracetic acid chemical peel. The healing process tends to be moderate and gradual, usually resembling recovery from a moderate sunburn. Most patients are able to resume usual activites including work, after three days. Most people are candidates for this type of procedure; however, the doctor will make that determination when the patient is seen.

Contact us to reveal younger, healthier looking skin with our chemical peels.